A real diving course for children aged 8 and over with which you can become a member of the PADI Seal Team, the PADI group of wild young divers !!
The PADI Seal Team is a scuba diving certificate for children aged 8 and over: to become a Seal Team member you will have to carry out 5 aquatic missions in the pool, but don't worry: your PADI Instructor will teach you all the tricks to be able to win the challenges! !

And do you want to put the fun ?? it will be crazy to breathe in water and be weightless, just like a super hero !! There is nothing like the PADI Seal Team, find out more !!

You can complete the PADI Seal Team course in two meetings of about an hour and a half, to be planned together with the parents !!

For information call 3284410287


minimum age 8 years
good general health
knowing how to swim


2 meetings of about an hour and a half
dates and times of your choice

It includes

classroom and pool lessons
teaching materials
equipment rental
certification fees

For any information we are happy to answer your questions
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