If you've never dived, these are the courses to learn how to safely go underwater and have fun !!
Sub mini-course
Diving without a license? With this mini-course lasting about an hour, after a short theoretical lesson, you will have a real immersion in the sea with diving equipment in the company of your instructor
Scuba Diver
With 3 mornings of lessons in the classroom, swimming pool and 2 dives in the sea you will achieve the PADI Scuba Diver certification with which you will dive all over the world with an instructor up to a maximum of 12 meters !!
Open Water Diver
With 5 mornings of lessons in the classroom, swimming pool and 4 dives in the sea you will achieve the PADI Open Water Diver certification with which you will dive all over the world independently up to a maximum of 18 meters !!


the advanced courses allow you to grow in your diving preparation allowing you to increase the possibilities of diving and exploration !!
PADI Advanced OWD
Continue your underwater adventure and perfect your training !! Learn to take pictures, dive in deeper water, at night or on wrecks !! You can get it in 2 mornings or a weekend !!
Rescue Diver
2-3 morning course with which you will learn how to prevent diving accidents, make emergency plans and rescue divers in difficulty in the sea, thus increasing your awareness and your character !!

Become a Professional !! This is the first PADI professional level with which you can guide dives and assist Instructors during training. The most requested professional title !!


each course contains a specific and complete PADI training that you can complete in our Diving Center with which you can face new challenges !!
Deep dive
Night dive
Search & Recovery
Wreck diving
Dry suit
Underwater Navigation
Digital photography
Current diving
Underwater Scooter
Altitude diving
Equipment Specialist
Solo diving
Wreck Detective
Maximum trim
Boat dive
Underwater naturalist


Do you have an 8-10 year old child? Involve him in the fun PADI courses for children, exclusively in the pool under our control.
Do you have any idea how much fun she will have?
Great fun for the very young with all the diving equipment to play safely underwater in the pool !! Checked by us and admired by mom and dad !!
Seal Team
Five Aquamissions to complete in the pool to become a Seal Team member !! In each mission you will discover something new and fun is guaranteed !!
Master Seal Team
New special Aquamissions to complete in the pool will challenge you to earn the prestigious title of Master Seal Team !!
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