TEC 40
You will be qualified to dive up to 40 meters with decompression in the air and Nitrox up to 50% in technical trim or with your recreational equipment !!
PADI Tec40 is a patent that enables technical air dives with decompression up to 40 meters and is the initial level of the TecRec program.

In the classroom, you will study decompression theory, technical equipment and safety and emergency procedures in depth, while during practical applications you will learn to plan dives up to 40 meters with multiple decompression stops and to use decompression software. In the pool you will learn the skills necessary to use the technical equipment and at the end you will make three dives in the sea or lake, with decompression.

Eventually you can use your recreational equipment but complete with two separate regulators and a decompression tank that we provide you for free. You will be able to complete the course in a WeekEnd in order to learn everything in an organic and fluid way !! Dates and times of your choice.

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PADI Advanced OWD (*)
PADI EAN Diver Specialty (*)
PADI Deep Diver Specialty (*)
30 dives (10 Nitrox)
minimum age 18 years
competitive medical certificate
personal accident insurance
(*) or equivalent


a week-end
dates and times of your choice

It includes

classroom and pool lessons
teaching materials
equipment rental
certification fees

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